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We can be found less than two hours away from La Paz over the main road of La Paz - Caranavi, exactly 99 km from the exit of the Yungas in a 95% paved road, 5 minutes from the last police control before arriving to Coroico (Volosita). Therefore, one of the ways of reaching the hotel is directly, without going through Coroico. The other alternative, more adventurous, is reaching it from the old road (Death Road).

Coroico can be found 25 minutes from the hotel and there are many ways of transit to visit this beautiful town.

We are sure the following map will help you in your journey. WE AWAIT YOU

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Jardines y Orquideas
Jardines y Orquideas

The greatest collection of flowers available in Bolivia and one of the richest collection of orchids.


In this section you can see the charming places nearby.


The bedrooms in the hotel ara adapted to the needs of our demanding guests.

Address: Murillo St. corner, Taríja No.1014 (Int Hostal Provenzal)
Phone Number: (591-2) 2-319960
RESERVAS WhatsApp: +59167174444

Villa Verde is found 99 Km from the city of La Paz.
Over the road of Cotapata - Santa Bárbara
Cel: (591) 73219490 / (591) 67174444